Ancestors/Descendants of Ruth Magby Smith

The Magby's - Coweta County, GA

My genealogical research began in 1995 in Anniston, Alabama, my grandmother's birthplace.  In addition to finding Magby Family  census documents in the Anniston Genealogical Room housed on the 2nd floor of the main Library, I found several documents in the Courhouse record books.  In calling the Magby listings in the phone book, I located two women, both widows of a Magby Brothers trio who sang gospel music locally.    Neither knew much about their husbands' people.  Hospitality was extended to me by the local African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor who took me to the homes of two of his elder church members who shared with me their memories of William's family, (my maternal great-grandfather's brother) particularly his wife Fannie, who remained in Anniston until her death in the 60's.  The discovery here was that my great-grandfather, John B. Magby, had migrated to Anniston from his birthplace, Newnan, Coweta County, GA.

The clincher is this: in June of 1993, my last appointment was made by the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church as pastor to NEWNAN CHAPEL United Methodist Church.  I had returned to Atlanta from a four year Chaplaincy at Bennett College in Greensboro, NC completing the 1992-93 year as Associate Pastor to Central United Methodist Church in Atlanta.  My ride to Newnan to "look things over" compounded my "dis"appointment over the appointment.  I received a proposal of marriage from my husband and the rest is history.  Little did I suspect that I would return to Newnan 4 years later tracing my roots.  As I stook outside the courthouse with the documents I found of Magby slave masters I found for the county, "up over My head..."


 (Left) Daughters of John Berry Magby,  (l-r) Ruth, Elizabeth "Bessie" and Ruby.

 (Right)  Children of John Berry Magby,  (l-r) Elizabeth, John, Jr.,  and Ruby; and granddaughter, Adell Smith Golson.

 Magby Family 1870 US Census

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